I'm Daniel Londero!

Professional PHP Software Engineer

Professional PHP Consultant

Software development

10+ years of experience as software developer. Specialized in PHP. I can help your business developing web applications.

Consultancy and advice

Through consultancy I can give you advice on how to solve issues you're experiencing on your project.

Refactoring expertise

Need to improve code quality? I can transition your project from a mess into clean code and simple design.

Symfony expert

Working with Symfony since version 1.x. I can help you on projects using Symfony 2, 3 or 4. Even migrating projects from 1.x.

Payment gateways integration

Worked with all major payment gateways. I can easily integrate payment options onto your platform/application.


Need introduction to topics like Symfony, Git, Vagrant, Docker? I can share my experience with you and your team.

Recent clients

PHP / Symfony / PHPUnit Nanou Solutions Sàrl
Working on the time management and planning platform. Project based on Symfony 2.8.
PHP / CM Framework / PHPUnit Cargo Media AG
Created and developed large scale web applications. Ran and maintained some popular social networking and video streaming websites.
PHP / Symfony / PHPUnit Antistatique - Web Agency
Working on different projects with Symfony 2.8 and Sonata Admin Bundle.
PHP / Symfony / PHPUnit Nelmio
Designing and developing RESTful APIs with Symfony2.

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